showcase 2013

snowlike – almost like real snow
This will make the eyes of children and grown-ups alike light up. Just by pressing a button!
snowlike was developed to effectively stage your product, and it perfectly simulates real snowfall.

Where can you use snowlike?
Exhibition stands, events, cinema foyers, exhibition space or shop windows become magical attractions for visitors of all ages.
Owing to its properties, snowlike offers a wide range of applications, and is also suitable for the presentation of delicate objects such as clothing or fine mechanical parts.
Depending on the requirements, areas and sceneries of different sizes can be transformed into a white, moving winter landscape. Your products remain completely intact!
An open loop-type system with circulating granules creates a deceptively real snowfall effect. The density of the snowfall can be regulated individually at any time.

For an uninterrupted snow curtain across the entire shop window It consists of a base plate and a platform stand with collecting tray. It includes an integrated, patented snowlike snow module with all components necessary for 24/7 operation. Individual systems can be cascaded over any optional widths.