snowlike - make it snow without water and freeze

When we see snow we are transported back to our childhood days when the first flakes fell and created a winter wonderland. We have grown up but the first snow has lost none of its fascination. snowlike - Rent yourself a winter wonderland!

Build the ultimate winter experience, create emotions with lasting impressions, make the children's eyes light up and put a smile on the lips of the observer! Simply by pressing a button! snowlike - almost like real snow!snowlike one was developed to stage your product effectively, it perfectly simulates real snowfall. Exhibition stands, events, exhibition spaces or shop windows become magical attractions for visitors of all ages. Where can you use snowlike?Trade fair stands, events, cinema foyers, exhibition surfaces or shop windows are turned into a point of magical attraction for large or small visitors. Owing to its properties snowlike offers a wide range of applications and is especially suited for the presentation of delicate objects like clothing or fine mechanical parts. Little snowflake ...No matter what the setting, surfaces and backdrops of all sizes can be turned into a white, living winter landscape without he use of water, cold or chemicals. An open loop-type system with circulating granules creates a deceptively real snowfall effect and needs very little maintenance. The density of the snowfall can be regulated individually. Your products are totally safe!